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So I am playing around with the HTML service of GAS. It has been working fine (more or less). But I hit a wall now. I want the script (inside the html file) to create some html on when called. In particular a few tags. However I want those tags to have onClick handlers (which will edit the div element). Now the problem is that the onClick should depend on certain properties and I can not pre-create those objects, they have to be made pragmatically and for some reason when I add a onClick="someFunction(elementID)" after the new code has been added to the old one the click handler disappears. (it works tho if the handler function has no parameters)

var div="<div id=\"box"+count+"\" class=\"square\" insert></div>";


div=div.replace("insert", "onclick=\"myFunction(box"+count+"\"");
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This is intentional and documented: see the section called "Dynamically adding scripts or external CSS" in the HtmlService user guide.

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