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I am trying to change the length in pixels of the text displayed INSIDE a spark Textinput component. On a mx Textinput I would have overridden updateDisplayList and modified textField width but I can't come up with a similar solution here.

Any thoughts?


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What have you tried so far? Put some code here. – Wh1T3h4Ck5 Oct 7 '12 at 23:36
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You can create a custom skin for your Spark TextInput.

It may look like this (a copy of the default TextInputSkin):

<s:SparkSkin xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://"
    alpha.disabledStates="0.5" blendMode="normal">




        <s:State name="normal"/>
        <s:State name="disabled" stateGroups="disabledStates"/>
        <s:State name="normalWithPrompt"/>
        <s:State name="disabledWithPrompt" stateGroups="disabledStates"/>

    <s:Rect left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0" id="border">
            <s:SolidColorStroke id="borderStroke" weight="1" />

    <s:Rect id="background" left="1" right="1" top="1" bottom="1">
            <s:SolidColor id="bgFill" color="0xFFFFFF" />

    <s:Rect left="1" top="1" right="1" height="1" id="shadow">
            <s:SolidColor color="0x000000" alpha="0.12" />

    <s:RichEditableText id="textDisplay"
              left="1" right="1" top="1" bottom="1" />

    <s:Label id="promptDisplay" maxDisplayedLines="1"
                mouseEnabled="false" mouseChildren="false"

There you can see a RichEditableText named textDisplay - this is the actual text input field inside the TextInput. You can position it in the way you want.

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I am not yet very familiar with spark components but looks like they are a lot easier to tune! Thanks a lot this was very helpful ;) – user1727408 Oct 8 '12 at 10:34

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