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I have a List which hold the PK ID's of a number of objects in a collection that I want to remove. Does anyone know how to write a single query to retrieve these objects?


IList<int> objectList; // populated with int Primary key Ids

using (MyEntities context = new MyEntities()){

    var result = context.MyObjectCollection.Where(obj=> obj.ID IN objectList);

    foreach(var item in result){

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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var result = context.MyObjectCollection.Where(obj=> objectList.Contains(obj.ID));
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Mel's answer doesn't work because in .NET 3.5 SP1 the EF doesn't know how to translate list.Contains(...) into T-SQL. Although this is coming in 4.0.

The workaround is to manually produce a big OR query i.e.

Where(obj => obj.ID == item1 || obj.ID == item2 ....)

Here is a tip I wrote that makes that easy:

Tip 8 - How to write where IN style queries using LINQ to Entities

Hope this helps

Alex James

Entity Framework Team - Read my Entity Framework Tips

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this.Devices.Update(o => new Device() { LastOrderRequest = DateTime.Now, Description = "teste" }, o => o.Id == 1);
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