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What code do you write to constrain a generic dictionary named MyDictionary to have value-type keys with reference type values?

I think this was my answer:

public class MyDictionary<Tkey,TValue>:Dictionary<Tkey,TValue>
where Tkey:struct
where TValue:class


But I'm not sure if this is the right answer..

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Out of curiosity, why would it matter if the generic type is a value type or a reference one for such a dictionary? –  Candide Oct 8 '12 at 0:24
A good question , even i m wondering where such a condition would be helpful. This was posed to me sometime back in a tech interview... –  GutterStink Oct 8 '12 at 0:27

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Looks fine to me. One small caveat, you won't be able to use Nullable types (e.g. int?) as either keys or values in such a dictionary.

From Constraints on Type Parameters:

where T: struct The type argument must be a value type. Any value type except Nullable can be specified.

where T: class The type argument must be a reference type; this applies also to any class, interface, delegate, or array type.

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