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Is it possible to reformat (content and look) of an alert email sent by Sharepoint 2007? If yes, how do define the format and content?

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There are two ways that you can customize SharePoint alerts:

  1. By modifying the template file that defines alerts, and
  2. By creating a class that implements IAlertNotifyHandler.

Modifying Alerttemplates.xml

You can modify the alert templates that SharePoint uses by copying and modifying the Alerttemplates.xml found in <12 hive folder>\Template\XML.

Once you've modified the file, you can update the alert templates in SharePoint by executing the following command:

STSADM -o updatealerttemplates -url <site URL> -filename <path to your modified file>

For more information see:

Implementing IAlertNotifyHandler This gives you more fine-grained control over the contents of emails that are sent for alerts.

You create a class that implements IAlertNotifyHandler and override the OnNotification method.

For more information see these links:

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This would be a machine level change which applies to all alerts from all sites on the box right? – Troy Hunt Aug 16 '09 at 2:02
The changes are applied at the web application level. – dariom Aug 16 '09 at 12:29

Expand on dariom's answer. It is a great answer, big thumb up to you!

I tried modifying the template file solution which is easily, but what I achieved is just change the format of email, not the content, which I intended to just show what changed rather than just tell something changed. I end up use a tool called SharePoint Alert Reminder.

Maybe I missed some things, if so could you elaborate on it further.

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