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I'm trying to write a quick script that will close all but the current window for the terminal application. This script uses MacRuby and the Scripting Bridge. Heres' what I have so far:


framework "Foundation"
framework "ScriptingBridge"

terminal = SBApplication.applicationWithBundleIdentifier("com.apple.Terminal")
terminal.windows[2].close while terminal.windows.count > 1

When I try to run this, I get the following error:

undefined method `close' for #<TerminalWindow:0x40033b0e0> (NoMethodError)

This approach seems to work fine with AppleScript. Does anybody know why it's failing here?

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I found a copy of the TerminalWindow API here. Using that, all I needed to do was:

TerminalSaveOptionsNo = 'no  '.unpack('N').first
terminal.windows[1].closeSaving(TerminalSaveOptionsNo, savingIn: nil)
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