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I'm driving my site with php and need to rewrite a specific php url call to a folder... the example is on my local site before uploading hence no http://www.etc

The php is a simple href call <a href="?id=blog"></a> that appears in the address bar as wip_04/?id=blog or wip_04/index.php?id=blog (depending upon whether you go to index.php to begin with) - wip_04 is my offline site root.

I want to rewrite to wip_04/blog or even wip_04/blog/index.php.

The full example would be from to - there's another index.php inside blog/

I'm not looking for a general rewrite rule but one for this specific instance and I'm stumped.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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To internally rewrite:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} id=blog
RewriteRule ^/?(index\.php)?$ /blog/ [L]

If you want to redirect the browser so that the URL in the address bar changes, add a R to the flags s othat they look like [L,R=301]

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Thank you very much for the rapid response! I'm trying to incorporate a blog into my site and this will help me enormously - regular expressions I usually do ok with but rewrite rules still evade me, need a bit more practice I guess!! – Simon WEC Oct 8 '12 at 2:15

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