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I need to add a device driver to a Windows CE image, I have the driver in .dll and .reg files and in a .cab package. I'm using Visual Studio 2005 with Platform Builder for Windows CE 6.0.

How can I do that?

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If you an OSDesign and you want to add the Dll to the image that the OSDesign creates, just put the Dll file in the %WinceRootDir%\Platform\\Files directory. If you do this, the file will be copied automatically to the release directory when you do a build. As for the registry, just add the relevant changes to the Porject.reg file and it will be integrated into the whole build. When you add a stream interface driver you need to add it's registry settings undet [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\BuiltIn\Drivers\]. You can read here (An excellent Blog- http://geekswithblogs.net/BruceEitman/archive/2008/12/08/windows-ce-stream-interface-driver-registry-settings.aspx) (I can't post another link so search msdn for the bus enumerator) the necessary registry settings for a stream interface driver.

I have to say that the difficulties for new users with the posting restrictions are a real pain in the...

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Thank you. Do you know if it's possible to do this as an independent Catalog Item instead of using global locations? –  Jaime Soriano Aug 20 '09 at 14:19
Read this entry in the same blog geekswithblogs.net/BruceEitman/archive/2008/06/20/…. What are you aiming at exactly? –  Shaihi Aug 20 '09 at 15:15
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