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I have this json array:

var a = [{"results":[{"id":"25","name":"John","age":"46"},{"id":"41","name":"Sonny","age":"31"}],"count":2,"total":14}];

It contains an array called "results" and two other variables with numerical values, count and total.

How can i get each of the values of "results", "count" and "total" from the above array ?

I tried: console.log(a.count);

But it says undefined.

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First, execute your code will cause SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL.

There is an invalid character after age between "age"‌​:"31".

Remove that, then a is an array, so you get the first element by a[0],


get the count by a[0].count

get the results by a[0].results

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To load results:


To load count:


To load total:

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P.S results is an object, so you will have to load whatever element of result you need like so: console.log("results id: " + a[0].results[0].id); –  Charles Birdman Desouza Oct 8 '12 at 4:29

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