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I'm looking for methods to interact with multiple pages simultaneously. In my case I have several pages that accept user input as keystrokes, and I would like to be able to trigger all of them.

Any ideas?

Automater? putting multiple tabs in focus simultaneously?

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You can't do it "simultaneously". Only one thing can have focus at a time. Your options are: to interact with them sequentially (fast enough that it seems simultaneous.) Or, you could write an application that gets all of the window handles, and sends them the keypress messages.

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If you are trying to do some sort of data entry and speed up the things by opening multiple pages, you could try one of the following

  • imacros
  • Greasemonkey addon for firefox with your custom script.

There are other methods also to do this thing.

If you are a programmer, you could write a simple application which will post data to the page. In that way, you will not even have to open the page.

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