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I'm using two DIV s one below the other. In the Top DIV I'm using a Multiline Label in which data is generated Dynamically.

When the Data in the Label is a bit larger then Space is not generated but the exceeded data merges with the lower DIV

Here is the Css for Div


Here is the Css for Label

float: left;
width: 30%;    

Can you help me?

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Post the code as well. –  freebird Oct 8 '12 at 5:17
Seems like a CSS issue. Share your CSS. –  nunespascal Oct 8 '12 at 5:18

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Give the fist DIV class name .container and write css as -

  overflow: hidden;

The label is merging into next div because it has float: left property. overflow: hidden; will help you prevent this behavior.

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Thank you this worked for me –  Krishna Thota Oct 8 '12 at 5:52

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