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When a user hits login page of a Portal (it could be Liferay, Jboss Portal..), JSESSIONID cookieis created by the container. After entering credentials in the login page, same JSESSIONID gets carried over.

Here, end user will come to know the JSESSIONIDbefore he could get authenticated (by checking the JSESSIONID in the login page). This will increase vulnerability of the site for hacking because one can know the JSESSIONID before one gets authenticated.

This post advices to have a different JSESSIONID after authentication.

So, creating a new JSESSIOND can be achieved by Portal server being used (am using Liferay CE 6.0) or it has to be handled by web application developer? If it has to be handled by web application developer what is the best way to do? request.getSession(true) is the only option?? If I need to instruct Liferay to create a new JSESSIONID after authentication how it can be done?

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This looks a lot like the session fixation problem I solved for Liferay 5.2.5 a long time ago. The solution consists of creating a custom Tomcat Valve that will force a new session ID. So the solution isn't really specific for Liferay and is dependent on if you use Tomcat or not.

I suspect it shouldn't be too difficult to adapt my old solution to a newer Liferay/Tomcat combination. You can find the necessary information about my solution in my old and currently unmaintained blog (if I only had more time...): Fixing session fixation in Liferay

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The problem here is not that the user knows the session ID (the user always knows it, it is sent by his browser). The attack scenario is that the user, while logged out, clicks on the link that already has JSESSIONID embedded, then authenticates and this session becomes a logged-in session. Now someone who initially created the link can use the same session to act as the user. More details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_fixation

So yes, use the web or app server to re-set session ID after a user authenticates. You do not need to write it yourself. For Tomcat 7: http://www.tomcatexpert.com/blog/2011/04/25/session-fixation-protection

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Your answer was very helpful. BTW, sorry, I didnt mention my App server. Am using Jboss. I will check this out in Jboss. If you have any useful links kindly share. I hope Jboss will also have this feature. –  Vikas V Oct 8 '12 at 11:36

You can fix this issue by setting the following property to true like Liferay has as default.

# Set this to true to invalidate the session when a user logs into the
# portal. This helps prevents phishing. Set this to false if you need the
# guest user and the authenticated user to have the same session.
# Set this to false if the property "company.security.auth.requires.https"
# is set to true and you want to maintain the same credentials across HTTP
# and HTTPS sessions.
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This session.enable.phishing.protection=true is by default true in portal.properties. Anyhow, I have added this entry in portal-ext.properties. But, even then JSESSIONID remains same before and after login.

I have implemented a filter as per this link. After implementing this filter, when I hit login page of Liferay, one JSESSIONID gets created. After I enter the credentials and login, the same JSESSIONID is retained.

I have implemented this filter in a Servlet and not in any of my Portlets or in Liferay's ROOT application. My Servlet is deployed in LR + Jboss AS bundle. Am first hitting the Servlet and from here I have a link which will redirect to Liferay's login page. I have implemented this filter in my Servlet because Container will append JSESSIONID for first time request as it doesn't know if cookies are enabled or not. Since, JSESSIONID is getting appended, am not able to retrieve my images in Servlet (because url is myImage.jpg;jsessionid=). Hence, I have implemented this filter.

Is this filter conflicting with Liferay's configuration? Even after setting session.enable.phishing.protection=true same JSESSIONID is retained means what else could be the problem?

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@Thiago : I have posted my observations above –  Vikas V Oct 16 '12 at 11:20

Put this code inside the portal-ext.properties.

It will fix the problem, each and every time logged in, new session id will be generated.

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