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I am new to Gtk# and Monodevelop. So please forgive the basic-ness of this question. But I am trying to do something really simple - and I can't seem to do it. Not sure if it matters, but I am developing on Linux

I have a MainWindow which has a button. When I click on this button, I want a custom widget to pop-up

I created a custom widget as a separate project, compile it as a .dll and refer it in the main project

In the main project, I have defined a call-back for button click - loadCustomWidget() However, the code below does not show the custom-widget on screen

public partial class CustomWidget : Gtk.Bin ; // in the other project

protected void loadCustomWidget() {
  Console.WriteLine(" show custom widget ") ;
  wg = new CustomWidget() ;
  wg.Show() ;

The WriteLine() is printed. So I know the call-back is being called. But why isn't the widget showing on screen?

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You need to put the widget into a container, for example add it to your main window.

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Thanks Michael ... I continued trying different things after I posted. No strategy, just hit and trial. And I guess I eventually stumbled upon what you are suggesting - using containers. But thanks anyway for replying. My question would have come across as so,so basic to someone who develops MonoDevelop – Abhinav Oct 9 '12 at 4:43

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