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I always find something that starts somewhere in the middle, where the database already exists or where some special classes or files have already been added to the project. I want to see the first steps, since they're crucial. i.e. somebody said the database has to be copied into a readwriteable dir on the iphone. Anyone knows a complete tutorial on this?

(no, I don't want to use Core Data or OS 3.0)

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You might consult these other similar questions:

Additionally, the SQLiteBooks sample code that Apple provides takes you step-by-step through the process of copying an existing database from the resources directory of your application bundle to the application's Documents directory. It is a little more complex when working with the database, however.

Mobile Orchard also has a list of resources for SQLite on the iPhone.

The source code to my iPhone application Molecules is available, and for now it uses SQLite as a data store (that will be changing to Core Data soon). You may be able to pick something up from that.

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