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I have a question regarding the validations to be done on a text box where user can enter either Ip/HostName. The main question is regarding the period symbol (.). Is that allowed in a host name?

Also if period is allowed in a HostName then why does my windows OS complain :

enter image description here

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Hostnames are governed by RFC 952 and amended by RFC 1123 where you can see that a hostname can have the form abc.def.ghi:

<names> ::= ... <official hostname> ...
<official hostname> ::= <hname>
<hname> ::= <name>*["."<name>]
<name>  ::= <let>[*[<let-or-digit-or-hyphen>]<let-or-digit>]

(I have extracted the relevant parts of the grammar in RFC952 above - RFC1123 allows the first character to be a digit also)

I believe that the alert box you're seeing is about Windows (WINS?) not allowing dots in computer names.


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