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I noticed in the User Documentation that it's possible to split URL parameters intended for different domain classes as such:


And then you could pass the values for their intended domain classes as such:

def b = new Book(
def a = new Auther(

I'm planning to build a web services API with Grails and was wondering how this would work if I would be utilizing XML request in the request body rather than passing the parameters via URL parameters. What would the XML body look like in this case?

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def s = '<xml><book title="The Stand" /><author name="Stephen King"/></xml>'
def x = new XmlSlurper().parseText(s){b-> new Book(b.attributes()).save()}{a-> new Author(a.attributes()).save()}

In the Controller Grails enhances HttpServletRequest, so you can use


which is instance of XmlSlurper's GPathResult class that allows parsing of an incoming XML request.


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