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I am storing my dates in column server_date_time in varchar in dd/mm/yyyy format and i want to fetch the records lying between some dates so i have used the query

    select * from activity_emp 
where date_format(str_to_date(substr(server_date_time,1,10),'%d/%m/%Y'),'%d/%m/%Y')>=
    and date_format(str_to_date(substr(server_date_time,1,10),'%d/%m/%Y'),'%d/%m/%Y')<=

I have converted varchar to string in query but my query return query data only related to 29/09/2012 and 30/09/2012. It should also return query for the month of October

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see my answer below. did my solution worked? – John Woo Oct 8 '12 at 6:30

Try with this. You can input date in dd/mm/yyyy format as in your question...

SELECT * FROM activity_emp
WHERE STR_TO_DATE(server_date_time, '%d/%m/%Y')
  BETWEEN STR_TO_DATE('29/08/2012', '%d/%m/%Y')
    AND STR_TO_DATE('07/10/2012', '%d/%m/%Y')


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yes, this is also working.. It has saved by date conversion in the java code.... – user1697114 Oct 8 '12 at 6:34
This solution should work; but I strongly recommend you to change datatype from VARCHAR to DATETIME... – rajukoyilandy Oct 8 '12 at 7:33
This worked like a charm. I'm working on another person database and when I saw varchar it was like...omg. But StackOverflow helped as always. – Zariweya Oct 2 '15 at 10:59

STR_TO_DATE is enough. DATE_FORMAT changes it back to VARCHAR

WHERE str_to_date(substr(server_date_time,1,10),'%d/%m/%Y') 
         BETWEEN '29/09/2012' AND '07/10/2012'

when dealing date please use DATE or DATETIME data type. This will avoid you from doing casting which affects the performance of the query.

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Try this one -

SELECT * FROM activity_emp
WHERE STR_TO_DATE(server_date_time, '%d/%m/%Y')
  BETWEEN '2012-09-29' AND '2012-09-30'

But it is better to store server_date_time in DATETIME data type so that MySQL can use index.

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yes, it worked thanks a lot... :) – user1697114 Oct 8 '12 at 6:27

If you are storing the dates always in dd/mm/yyyy in the column then this is an easy task:

SELECT * from activity_emp 
where server_date_time BETWEEN '29/09/2012' AND '07/10/2012'

Isn't this enough? Hope it helps you

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FROM  `activity_emp` 
WHERE STR_TO_DATE(  `column_name` ,  '%d/%m/%Y' ) 
BETWEEN  '2010-10-10'
AND  '2010-11-10'
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 FROM  table_name
  WHERE STR_TO_DATE(  "Your Date Filed" ,  '%d/%m/%Y' ) 
  BETWEEN  STR_TO_DATE("Your First Date", '%d/%m/%Y')
  AND  STR_TO_DATE("Your Last Date", '%d/%m/%Y')

 For example

 FROM  master 
  WHERE STR_TO_DATE(m_due_date ,  '%d/%m/%Y' ) 
  BETWEEN  STR_TO_DATE('15/01/2015', '%d/%m/%Y')
  AND  STR_TO_DATE('16/01/2015', '%d/%m/%Y')
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This is Simple and Easy to understand Date Query to search between Two Dates

Date that stored in datebase in like 01/01/2016 and datatype is varchar
SELECT * FROM `test` WHERE STR_TO_DATE(`test`.`date`, '%d/%m/%Y') BETWEEN '2016-01-01' AND '2016-01-31' ORDER BY `test`.`date` ASC
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