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Can any one help me to create a ribbon button dynamically in CRM 2011. The scenario is, when we create a record, one ribbon button has to be created dynamically based the optionset value selected in that record. Can we get it work using JScript or Plug-in or Workflow? Enable or Display rules are not useful here and should not touch XML code.

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Why do you to avoid enable or disable rules? Do you basically just want a ribbon button that does something different depending on the record status? –  James Wood Oct 8 '12 at 8:21
Yes, the functionality is based on the value selected in optionset. –  Charan Oct 8 '12 at 9:28

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Quick principle: Ribbon Buttons are not a part the record, they are a part of the UI. You can make the UI change based on the record you are looking. Therefore you cannot 'add' a button to a record. You can add a button to an entity form.

Plugins definetly wont work here, they peform logic on the 'back-end'. JavaScript might work but I would expect this to be quite awkward. What you should do is edit the ribbon Xml. Now there is an excellent for editing the ribbon: Ribbon Workbench, this tool make it significantly easier to edit the ribbon (this is editing the XML but this is the way its meant to be done).

Then I think you will need to

  1. Create a ribbon button for each action.
  2. Then follow this tutorial to enable and disable them: Enable/Disable a ribbon button dynamically based on a form value.
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Using a display rule would be the right way to do this.

Create multiple buttons and set their display rule when selected option is equal to the button's name.

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We need to do this action for all N entities. –  Charan Oct 16 '12 at 12:40
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We can get it done by two ways-

Through plug-in:(Note: It won't works in Sandbox mode and consume some time.)

  • Create one solution and add specified entity to it. Go through the source code here

  • Export this solution to Temp folder and unzip it.

  • Edit customizations.xml file to add our own RibbondiffXml tag.

  • Zip all the XML files and Import it to CRM.

  • Publish the Customization.

Through XML edit:

  • Export Application Ribbon, update XML to add button and replace entity name with {!EntityLogicalName} in all the places. Ex: <CustomAction Id="New.{!EntityLogicalName}.MyButton.CustomAction" Location="Mscrm.HomepageGrid.{!EntityLogicalName}.MainTab.Management.Controls._children" Sequence="70">...
  • Add EnableRule to enable this button only if Config record exist for current entity.

    <EnableRule Id="New.{!EntityLogicalName}.MyButton.Check"> <CustomRule FunctionName="checkConfigRecord" Library="$webresource:new_/Scripts/ValidateConfigRecords.js"> <CrmParameter Value="SelectedEntityTypeName" /> </CustomRule> </EnableRule>

  • Create one JavaScript library with name new_/Scripts/ValidateConfigRecords.js which contains function checkConfigRecord which counts config records exists for particular entity. If count is greater than 1 return true. Otherwise false.

  • Import the ApplicationRibbon Zipped file
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