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I want to wait until my AsynTask is finished before continuing on. The status always shows as RUNNING however. How can the AsyncTask signal back that is has finished? Why is my while loop endless? I thought that once onPostExecute() is called on the task the status gets changed to FINISHED.

private void methodOne(Context context) {

MyNewTask getMyTask = null;

    try {

        getMyTask = new MyNewTask(context, null, null, param1);



            Log.i("log", "STATUS : " + getMyTask.getStatus());

    } catch (Exception e) {
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Is this method executed in UI thread? If so, onPostExecute() won't have a chance to be executed (UI thread blocked).

You normally don't wait for AsyncTask to complete by looping. This is a serious code smell. You should just start whatever you want to do in onPostExecute().

So, instead of

while(task.getStatus().equals(AsyncTask.Status.RUNNING)) {};

You should use:



void onPostExecute(Param... params) {

Where doSomeWork() is a method in class that calls AsyncTask. This way you get informed that task has finished.

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Thanks Tomasz, my AsyncTask is on a separate class of its own...it is not a subclass. how can i get it to signal back that it has finished to the calling class? –  user1518485 Oct 8 '12 at 15:09
This has nothing to do with classes. It has to do with threads. If the while loop is run on main thread (not in another AsyncTask or Thread) it will block this main thread. OnPostExecute is always called in this main thread, so it will be blocked from running as well. I already posted how you should aproach this –  Tomasz Niedabylski Oct 8 '12 at 15:42

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