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I want to get a response of number of shipments at a time. Let's consider following example. I have 1000 items in the system. Using api for 4 different carrier sites i am fetching the tracking response of those items one by one. First take one item then check its carrier site i.e whether it is fedex,ups,usps, or dhl. Then depending on the carrier site i am requesting for track response on the respective site. But now i want to request for tracking response for all the 1000 items at a time as fetching the track response for 1000 items one by one is taking time.

Please suggest the api method for doing the same.

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This can be done via sending ajax requests through which you can make a bunch of asynchronous calls. Try this link but it is in php and gives a javascript example kuxas.com/view.php?item=27&page=2 –  pal4life Apr 28 '14 at 13:57

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The process for calling the APIs is the same, but you need to build some sort of asynchronous process to make multiple calls.

Ex: Create a single function for each carriers track function. Then build the asynchronous process to call each of these functions in your batch.

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