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I like to add comments(class, method level) in my java based application(source files). i like to know if there is any standard way to add comments and also share some of the tools that can make some documentation of my application if pass the source to that tool having comments

i am using Eclipse

Thanks in advance :)

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You could use Javadoc for that. It uses a syntax to write down comments and then processes your sourcecode to create a documentation file. It is part of the Java SDK, so if your're programming in Java you probably already have it installed.

Javadoc looks like this:

 * This is a Javadoc example. It explains the working of Javadoc comments.
 * @param String text
 *  The above line is used to document what the parameters
 *  that are passed to the method do.
 *  Each parameter gets its own @param block.
 * @return void
 *  This explains what the output / result of the method is. In this case, it's void.

And for comments in code that don't need to be processed into Javadoc you can of course use //commentcommentcommentto comment out a single line of text or /* comment comment comment comment comment */ to comment out multiple lines of text.

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Like i said, the Javadoc applet does that dor you. I see you are using Eclipse. Follow instructon on this page eclipse-blog.org/eclipse-ide/… – Harold Holsappel Oct 8 '12 at 9:52

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