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I would like to install an application on one computer to monitor the bandwidth used when browsing to a specific website. Is there an application that can do this? Thanks!

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Your browser?

Most (All?) browsers these days come with built-in development tools, specifically something where you can view all network traffic including a "Total" line which will show you the amount of traffic that has been sent/received the site whilst it was loading / in use.

For example in IE > 8 (maybe 9), hit F12, click 'Network', hit 'Start Capturing' and refresh this page. At the bottom you will see 2 figures for Sent/Received data. In the actual display you'll see each individual resource's bandwidth usage and the time it took to receive the data, mostly you can drill down and see all sorts of other information related to grabbing the resource.

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You can do this for example with the Chrome dev tools. You can also monitor the response time and so on. For Chrome you can look here:

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Chrome dev tools is the BOMB! It explodes with usefulness :) – Migisha Oct 25 '15 at 7:53

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