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I loaded some async html with

                        url: target,
                        beforeSend: function() {
                        success: function(html) {

The url: target is a "page" returning a html fragment (some text and images). targetTabBox is a div

In IE all is well, but in firefox I don't get to see my images only the alt text. When I right click the image and do properties I see:

http://localhost:3000/Product/Slapen/Laken-en-deken/%5CFoto%5CCms%5Cgots-logo.gif Which is wrong, but:

When I look at the html with firebug I see:

<img src="\Foto\Cms\gots-logo.gif" alt="GOTS logo"/>

Which is as it should be!

What am I missing here?

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Whats the output in firebug of console.log(html); if placed just above the targetTabBox.html(html); line. – MitMaro Aug 14 '09 at 13:14


Its the backslash firefox is pulling some rfc's on me saying you must use forward slash, IE doesn't care.

<img src="\Foto\Cms\gots-logo.gif" alt="GOTS logo"/>

should be

Thanks guys :-)

Guess I needed to type this in a Q&A site to see it.

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Interesting, never noticed that before. Guess I never came across it. +1 for answering your own question. – MitMaro Aug 14 '09 at 13:17

Forgot to format the right answer so it was html stripped:

<img src="/Foto/Cms/gots-logo.gif" alt="GOTS logo"/>

(I'm on a roll today)

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