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Is there an idiomatic way for me trigger my formlet's submit action when a keydown event is pressed?

Should I drop back down to DOM manipulation, or is there some Enhancement that I can use?

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Unfortunately, at the moment there is no standard way to do this. We do intend to add it in a future version though, either as an Enhance combinator or as a new option to Enhance.WithCustomSubmit*.

We actually encountered the same problem when creating FPish, and we use the following workaround:

let TriggerOnEnter (formlet : Formlet<'T>) =
    |> Formlet.MapElement (fun elem ->
        let e = JQuery.JQuery.Of(elem.Body)
        e.Keypress(fun _ k ->
            // Opera uses charCode
            if k?keyCode = 13 || k?charCode = 13 then
                JavaScript.SetTimeout (fun _ ->
                ) 100 |> ignore

Note that it triggers the first button in the form, so you might need adjustments to the jQuery selector to make it actually trigger the submit button.

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Your solution works like a charm. To find a submit button, you may enhance the query: e.Find("input[type=button][class='submitButton']"). However, if a WithCustomSubmitButton was used, the style name may vary. I'm not that familiar with W# to tell how to find the actual style name in a button layout. –  bytebuster May 19 '13 at 8:30

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