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I am using the following:

return string.Join("\n", parts);

Parts has 7 entries but two of them are the empty string "". How can I first remove these two entries and then join the remaining five?

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You can use Where in LINQ to select strings which are not empty:

 return string.Join("\n", parts.Where(s => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(s));
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Try it using LINQ

string[] hello = new string[] { "ads", "zxc", "wer", "", "wer", "", "243" };
string newString = string.Join("\n", hello.Where(x => x.Trim().Length != 0));


return string.Join("\n", hello.Where(x => x.Trim().Length != 0));
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An alternate way of doing this is by using StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries:


this.Codes = string.join(",",
             Value.Split("|".ToArray(), StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries));
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