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Can I use where condition in Insert statement???? I have coded like this, its showng me an error call MySQLException was unhandled, You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE RegistrationID='3'' at line 1. My code:-

MySqlCommand cmd1 = new MySqlCommand("INSERT INTO registration(DueAmount) VALUES ('"+textBox5.Text + "') WHERE RegistrationID='"+textBox2.Text+"'",connection);
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You're mixing 2 different statements.

  • An UPDATE statement updates an existing row in your table.
  • An INSERT statement adds a new row in your table.

I think you want to use an UPDATE statement and modify an existing row.

MySqlCommand cmd1 = new MySqlCommand("
UPDATE Registration Set DueAmount= '"+textBox5.Text 
+ "' WHERE RegistrationID='"+textBox2.Text+"'",connection);
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The correct syntax of INSERT doesn't have WHERE clause. I think you want UPDATE instead of INSERT,

UPDATE registration 
SET DueAmount = 'txt5'
WHERE RegistrationID = 'txt2'

the only way you can use WHERE in SELECT is when you are using INSERT INTO....SELECT statement.

one more thing, since you are using ADO.NET, make sure that you parameterized your query to avoid SQL Injection, and use USING statement.

string query = "UPDATE  registration 
                SET     DueAmount = @dateAmount
                WHERE   RegistrationID = @RegID"
using (MySqlCommand cmd1 = new MySqlCommand(query,connection))
    cmd1.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
    cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dateAmount", textBox5.Text);
    cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@RegID", textBox2.Text);

    // other codes
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INSERT with WHERE doesn't make sense. INSERT always inserts a new row. You might be looking for REPLACE INTO which does a insert if that record doesnt exist or an update if it does based on its primary key.

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INSERT puts a new line to database. You can not put a new line WHERE sth is sth. But you can UPDATE it. Hope this helps.

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You need to use an UPDATE statement.

tHS SYNTAX IS SIMILAR: "UPDATE registration SET DueAmount = '" + textBox5.Text + "' WHERE RegistrationID='"+textBox2.Text+"'"

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You can try with Update

var query = "UPDATE Registration SET DueAmount= $Paremeter1 WHERE RegistrationID = $Paremeter2";
var cmd1 = new MySqlCommand(query, connection);

cmd1 .Parameters.AddWithValue("$Paremeter1", textBox5.Text);
cmd1 .Parameters.AddWithValue("$Paremeter2", textBox2.Text);
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