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I have to draw a 20 plots and horizontally place a legends in each plots.

I gave the following command for the first plot:

legend("bottom",legend = c("a","b","c","d"),horiz=TRUE,text.font=2,cex=0.64)

then for the second plot I tried :

legend("bottom",legend = c("a","b"),horiz=TRUE,text.font=2,cex=0.64)

But because the size of the character vector passed to legend argument are different I get the size of the legend different.

Since I have to plot so many different plots having varying sizes of legends,I would want to do it in an automated fashion.

Is there a way to do this which can fix the size of the legend in all the plots and fit it to graph size?

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Your question is unclear. Do you want the size of the legend box to be constant, and presumably then shrink the text so the N values in your legend text fit inside that box? If so, maybe pass a variable as mylegend <- c("a","b","c");mycex<-5/length(mylegend); legend(blahblah,legend=mylegend,cex=mycex) – Carl Witthoft Oct 8 '12 at 12:47

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par(cex=.64) at the beginning should suffice

op <- par(cex=.64)  # this fix the legend size for all plots
legend("bottom",legend = c("a","b","c","d"),horiz=TRUE,text.font=2) # no need to set cex anymore
legend("bottom",legend = c("a","b"),horiz=TRUE,text.font=2)
par(op) # At end of plotting, reset to previous settings
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