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Im developing a wordpress page on local, now i need to migrate it to a server.

I did it before 2 or 3 times some time ago, i move the files to the new server, change the url on the database entries and create the new database.

I had problems establishing problems to database cause a letter missing on the db_name...and i was getting the "connecting to database error". I fixed it, but now...when i load the page, navigator show me...

¡Ouch! Google Chrome cant establish a conection with the page

I think about something is bad about :8887 becuase i work in easyphp before...but dont know what its hapening.

Thanks in advice !!!

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Problem on wp-options

Site url and Home entries dont actualize their values then i did the replace on the .sql with a text editor.

Wish this help other people.


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