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I'm binding data to my ZoomedOut semantic zoom as so:

var result = from title in _allTitles group title by title._titleSubject into grp orderby     grp.Key select grp;
groupedTitlesSource.Source = result;
(semanticZoom.ZoomedOutView as ListViewBase).ItemsSource = groupedTitlesSource.View.CollectionGroups;

And am accessing the Key using Group.Key but I also want to access the first item in the group, what's the easiest way of doing this? My Xaml is below for the ZoomedOutView:

                <GridView x:Name="zoomedOutGridView" HorizontalAlignment="Center">
                            <Grid Width="210" Height="140" Background="#CC196CFF">
                                    Text="{Binding Group.Key}"
                                    FontFamily="Segoe UI Light"

                                <!-- Also want to access the first item in the group here -->
                            <WrapGrid />

Any help would be great, and I'm very new to this so simple as possible :) Thanks

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In the first place your Group.Key should be in the GridView.GroupStyle and your items should be under GridView.ItemTemplate. With that you will be able to access to the group items itself.

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