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When I am running a DeleteItemRequest on a dynamoDB table, I am getting an exception which says "the provided key size doesn't match with that of the schema". All I am doing is

DeleteItemRequest deleteRequest = new DeleteItemRequest().withTableName(dynamoDbTableName).withKey(key);


Do I need to specify something more? Am I missing something?

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It could mean that the key passed to the method does not match the type of the primary key in the table. For example, you are passing a numerical key but the table uses a string key. The type of the key depends on the method used when creating the AttributeValue. The method withN() creates a numerical key, while the method .withS() creates a string key.

Numerical key example:

Key key = new Key().withHashKeyElement(new AttributeValue().withN("120"));

String key example:

Key key = new Key().withHashKeyElement(new AttributeValue().withS("johndoe"));

There are methods for other types as well, like binary types and sets. See the javadoc for the AttributeValue class for more details.

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