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I would like to knew how can I find the maximum value in column in JDE Solution? Would you mind to show me the way to do it? Because I am not able to do it by using JDE RDA.

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Depending on your needs, if you are looking to find the next available ID to use in your table, there is already a concept well implemented in JDE to keep track of the next unique id for a table or even a process.

Unique id for a table Look at the program P00022 which hold a next number by table. There is the business function X00022 you can use in your report to retrieve the value.

Unique ID for a process Look at the program P0002 which holds next numbers by modules for specific document type. Use the business function X0002 to access the values in your RDA.

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What do you mean by:

..i not able to do it by using JDE RDA..

You don't know how to use it or you're using the FDA?

Well, in RDA you can use the Aggregate Maximum Of, doing a Level Break on the column you want the maximum value.

On FDA you need to code your logic, something like:

MaxValue = 0
Begin Loop through the table
  If table.column_you_want > MaxValue
    MaxValue = table.column_you_want
  End If
End Loop
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Hi, thank you for your reply. when i use aggregate function in RDA the result i get no able to display. Besides that, i already try other way such as sort the column in descending order. Unfortunately, the result i get will be duplicate. –  goh6319 Oct 10 '12 at 1:06
If you're no way out, make an auxiliary section only to do that, create a Level Break on the column you want and use the aggregate function, then on the main section call the auxiliary. Good Luck! –  lhdv Oct 10 '12 at 13:29
hello bro,i done it already by sort the column in descending order and always take the top 1 value. As feedback when using aggregate function the item no able to display with only one maximum value. For example, let say the column consist of 4 different value it will display all in once time. I think may be is my level break logical error, i will try to resolve it by using the method you recommended. Anyway thank you for your suggestion. (^^) –  goh6319 Oct 11 '12 at 2:26

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