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Possibly a very silly question... I just don't know.

Assuming I have published a web application to Azure or AppHarbor, URL for the web app would be something like


Assuming I own the following domain name:


How do I get www.widgets.com to display the application hosted at http://widgets.appharbor.com without using an iframe?

Furthermore, I don't want links within my application to be displayed as widgets.appharbor.com/stuff, they need to be displayed as widgets.com/stuff.

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If you use a Cloud Service or a Website in Shared Website Mode you can use a CNAME to point www.widgets.com to widgets.azurewebsites.net. I don't know how this works with appharbor, I assume they also support CNAMEs.

Update: Looks like AppHarbor also supports CNAMEs http://support.appharbor.com/discussions/problems/1079-custom-domain-names

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