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If I create ImageButton dynamically and add this into table cell

TableRow tr = new TableRow();
TableCell tc = new TableCell();
ImageButton imagebutton= new ImageButton();
imagebutton.click+= new System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventHandler(click);

The click event doesnt' work.

However, if I use Panel instead of table the imagebutton works. Morevoer If I add imagebutton to the page directly it also works. But I need store imagebutton in a table cell.

What is a problem? How to make working imagebutton inside asp table?

The method click is:

protected void click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>alert('OK!');</script>"); 
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What is a problem?

This seems to be a classic asp.net page life-cycle problem. It's cause is probably that, a the time the click should be handled, your button, as well as your table, do not exist because you create it later in the page life cycle (say in pre_render), or you only create when not on postback, or in another control event handler.

How to make working imagebutton inside asp table?

Your table and button creation , as well as click handler binding should be located in

page_load (even better, in Init, when using view_state for dynamic controls)

The code should run whether on postback or not.

Hope this will help

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You are right. I solved the problem. When PageLoad occurs again the system forgets to assign click event to the imagebutton.Thanks! –  Nurlan Oct 9 '12 at 17:41

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