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A stupid question.

I'm trying to search and replace "$option">$option_translated with $option>$option_translated.

When I'm executing this command in unix terminal it's working fine.

sed -i 's/"$option">$option_translated/$option>$option_translated/g' filename.txt

But when I uses it in my Perl script it doesn't work

my $cmd = ("sed -i 's/"$option">$option_translated/$option>$option_translated/g' $filename");

I think some characters need to be escaped here. Let me know which are those. Thanks.

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You need to escape the quotes:

my $cmd = ("sed -i 's/\"$option\">$option_translated/$option>$option_translated/g' $filename");
                here__^      __^

or use a different quoting operator instead of ", e.g.:

my $cmd = qq(sed -i 's/"$option">$option_translated/$option>$option_translated/g' $filename);
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@amon: You're right. Thanks for edit. – Toto Oct 8 '12 at 11:02

you dont need to call sed from Perl for that, use Perl's regex capabilities, just escape it using \Q \E or just, for e.g use (from my understanding you are trying to remove the "):

my $str = '"$option">$option_translated';

$str =~ s/"//g;
print $str;
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if you down-vote, at least explain why..... – snoofkin Oct 8 '12 at 14:11
Oh yes, will use this one, thanks :) but since in the question I used "sed" so I'll have to accept M42's answer. – Chankey Pathak Oct 9 '12 at 6:13

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