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I'm writing a Greasemonkey script and having a problem setting the active states for two buttons I'm adding, each for toggling.

I've added code to assign class. The problem occurs when switching buttons.

For instance, when I press Button A, it becomes active. But then, if I press Button B, Button A remains active. Thereby leaving me with two buttons in an active state.

I know I can remove the active class by pressing my active button again prior going to another button. However I would like to achieve a function whereby, if Button A is active, and I press Button B, then Button A loses its active class, and vice versa.

Here is the code I'm using that's assigning class to my buttons:

$('#ButtonA').toggle(function () { 
    $("#ButtonA").addClass("active"); }, function () {

$('#ButtonB').toggle(function () {
    $("#ButtonB").addClass("active"); }, function () {
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You simply add one line in your first callback for each button to remove active class from any active button.

$('#ButtonA').toggle(function() {
    $('button.active').click(); // Remove active class from any active button.
    // you may adapt 'button.active' to select the proper buttons
}, function() {

But, use only one block of code for all the buttons, like this;

$('#ButtonA, #ButtonB, #ButtonC').toggle(function() { // this refer to the just clicked button.
    $('button.active').click(); // Remove active class from all other buttons.
}, function() {

instead of copying and pasting.

See http://jsfiddle.net/fNtPP/1/ for a clean refactored code showing an example with 3 buttons.

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Your fiddle code is an acceptable answer; you should have shown that here as well as at the third-party site. However, not sure using click() like that is the best way to remove the old class. It may cause side-effects with the rest of the target-page and/or GM script. –  Brock Adams Oct 8 '12 at 10:54
Thanks to all. I used Stouffi's code and it worked perfectly. Thanks again. –  Myne Mai Oct 8 '12 at 11:02

It's not clear why you are using toggle like that, and avoid CloneAndModifyProgramming as much possible.

Add a class to your buttons, like so:

$("#ButtonA, #ButtonB, #ButtonC").addClass ("MyRadioBtns");

Then use click to handle the active state:

$("button.MyRadioBtns").click ( function (zEvent) {
    $("button.MyRadioBtns").removeClass ("active");
    var jThis   = $(this);
    jThis.addClass ("active");

} );

See the code in action at jsFiddle.

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