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I have a table Sales in SQL Server 2008:

NIM   NAME       QTY         SALES
----- ---------- ----------- -----------
U001  RUDI       12          12000
U001  RUDI       15          16000
U001  RUDI       20          30000
U001  RUDI       6           6000
U002  MARK       10          11000
U002  MARK       12          13000
U002  MARK       19          20000
U003  JOKO       5           5000
U003  JOKO       4           4000
U003  JOKO       9           9000

I will create a report using Crystal Report with design like this:

NIM  : <nim>

When I try to preview, then all record QTY and SALES show in one page. But I want to show them in other page according NIM and NAME as KEY. For example: Page 1

NIM  : U001
QTY Sales
12      12000
15      16000
20      30000
6       6000

Page 2

NIM  : U002
QTY Sales
10      11000
12      13000
19      20000

Can you help me, how to show report like that??

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Create a Group of NIM and place NIM and Name in Group Header. Check ON the New Page After property of the Group Footer in Section Expert.

Try and get back with results.

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I was try, and then success. thanks for help. – Fauzi88 Oct 9 '12 at 6:11
Happy to listen your problem got resolved. – Hariharan Anbazhagan Oct 9 '12 at 6:21
But in this case every report will generate an empty page at the end of the report. Since you gave new page after the Group Footer. You can avoid that using formula in New Page After. – Hariharan Anbazhagan Oct 9 '12 at 7:53

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