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I need help, I would like to change the title in a div when rotating the image.

fx:     'fade',
timeout: 6000,
after:   function() {
    var title = $('.image').attr('alt');


<div class="pics"> 
<img src="01.jpg" alt="Picture 1" class="image"/>
    <img src="02.jpg" alt="Picture 2" class="image"/>
    <img src="03.jpg" alt="Picture 3" class="image"/>
<div class="image_title"></div>

but this does not work, it displays only the first attribute

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I beleive the only thing you'll need to change is to use the $(this) keyword in order to reference the current image item.

after:   function() {
    var title = $(this).attr('alt');

Every time you executed $('.image').attr('alt');, all you got was the alt property of the first element that matches the selector. $('.image') could very well match several elements on your page.

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