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I am having the below concern when implementing auto-renewable subscription - in-app purchase inside my app.

I am finding the difficult scenario on offering the poems under auto renewable subscription.I have referred this url.By reading this i am got confused that whether i can offer poems via Autorenewable subscription or not?

Please let me know.

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Whether Apple lets you do auto-renewing subscriptions or makes you do non-renewing subscriptions is less about your content and more about how it is delivered. I assume you have already read the information in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide. You should also watch the WWDC Video from 2012 about Supporting Subscriptions (it is 308) and it will give examples about when to use what kind of subscription.

I have recently done an app with subscriptions and we were initially rejected for auto-renewing and told to use non-renewing subscriptions. As best I can understand, you will use auto-renewing if you are creating original content on a set, regular basis and have built your app so that there are logical units (like a monthly newsletter or magazine). In my case, the user was subscribing to a series of blog entries that are updated every few days. However, the entries are presented in a single table view listing sorted by date and not separated into any kind of daily or weekly units.

Again I cannot tell from your question how the poems will be presented, but my suggestion would be to review the above documentation and if you are not 100% sure that you clearly fit into one of the auto-renewing subscription categories, submit your app with non-renewing subscriptions.

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