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How can I insert div that is already shown on web page in the print function.

This is the function:

function printHTML(input){
  var iframe = document.createElement("iframe");



But I need to put inside something that is already shown on the webpage

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You can pass clone of your div and appendf in iframe body. Modified code: jsfiddle

function printHTML(clonedDive){
  var iframe = document.createElement("iframe");



printHTML( document.getElementById("divid").cloneNode(true));​
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What is the purpose of cloneNode here? – martinwnet Oct 8 '12 at 11:04
Instead of moving div from current window it will create clone of it. if you do not clone the div it will move entire div from current div. you can see the difference in jsfiddle I provided remove clone method. – Anoop Oct 8 '12 at 11:05
thank you for this, is it possible to have a trigger event when you click on the X button on the print form? I'm asking you because I can see that you know some stuff about printing – user123_456 Oct 8 '12 at 14:41
Do you mean close button? if so see jsfiddle You can use window.onunload event. – Anoop Oct 8 '12 at 15:55
exactly what I need! thank you – user123_456 Oct 9 '12 at 14:22

You want to use document.getElementById() to get whatever you need.

E.g. to get some div on your page:

var someDiv = document.getElementById("divId");
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