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In Mono for Android i'm tryin to extract (at runtime) the application name, with path, but i can't find anything working (there are hours I'm serching over internet and trying, but nothing seem to work). I need the name to obtain FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(fn);

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If you want to get the app version at runtime , you can try using the following code.

var appVersion = PackageManager.GetPackageInfo(PackageName, 0).VersionCode;

And here is some code to get the package name programmatically

var actMngr = (ActivityManager)GetSystemService (Context.ActivityService);
var runningPkg = actMngr.GetRunningTasks(1)[0].TopActivity.PackageName;

PackageManager pm = this.PackageManager;
ApplicationInfo ai = pm.GetApplicationInfo(runningPkg, 0);

Remember, that it requires the GET_TASKS permission to be set in your manifest...

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try this code:

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