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To improve an older project I am forced by the circumstances to use VS 2008 and Framework 3.5 - I have issues with the edmx showing bizarre behavior and not updating the entities as required.

The edmx throws me the above error, but when I go to the respective table and right click it - "Update Model from Database" there is no change, the error is still there.

If I delete the table from the diagram by selecting it and pressing del, then in the Model Browser It disappears from the .Database but when clicking "Update model from Database" I cant see i in the "Add" list, all I can do is "Refresh" the table since I still see it in the refresh list (which should not happen because I deleted it! )

Please help me. I cannot afford to lose time on such trivial problems that VS throws at me.

Thank you very much in advance,

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check the xml file of your model, it's probably still in there somewhere. Try deleting it manually from that xml file, then try to update again. Take backups tho :) – Thousand Oct 8 '12 at 11:05
Your sugegstion worked. Please rewrite as answer so I can give credits – Amc_rtty Oct 8 '12 at 16:15
get the line number from error open xml file go to that line add a scaler property with the name specified in error save ... and rebuild .. – vishal sharma May 15 '13 at 7:25
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Check the xml file of your model, it's probably still in there somewhere. Try deleting it manually from that XML file, then try to update again. Be sure to take backups though.

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thanks, this was the solution. its pretty bugged, i must delete the entity completely and then remove all its traces from the xml - then add it again, and add the stored procedures again as function imports (when deleting an entity, the function imports that were using get deleted too). thanks – Amc_rtty Oct 9 '12 at 9:15
I guess this is somewhat a solution. unfortunately, the model also has this property... and when I try to delete the property in the model and try to update, - the update wizard crashes each time. – user1841243 Oct 9 '14 at 7:43

I had this issue when I changed a column name from 'CampaignKey' to 'CampaignCode'. After making the DB change, I went to the .edmx designer, right clicked and chose Update Model from Database. Then when I compiled I got the error: Error 11009: Property 'CampaignKey' is not mapped. Taking a closer look at my table in the designer showed me that Visual Studio had created the new field 'CampaignCode' as in the DB. But it also had left the old field 'CampaignKey' in there, causing the error as it no longer exists in the DB.

To fix the issue, I right-clicked on the 'CampaignKey' field in my table in the designer and selected 'Delete'.

After that I saved the .edmx, compiled and the error was gone.

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Yes, this seems to be the case for me too.. Do you know if this is a bug? – Narayana Nov 10 '13 at 16:30

I have gotten this same error before when column names on tables or views change case. For example, if a view has a column named "OrderID" and then the column name is changed to "OrderId" then it will give the error 'Property "OrderID" is not mapped'. This can be resolved by changing the case back to how it exists in the model.

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At times, upgrading a project throws up errors.

Just make sure you have backed up all your data, just-in-case.

When we add entity model into our project, it adds a corresponding connection string to web.config. Now, when you delete the model from project, even then the connection string still resides there in the web.config.

So, take the following steps:

  1. Delete the model
  2. Delete the corresponding connection string from web.config
  3. Now, perform the steps to add the model again from scratch.

Hopefully, it should work.

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No problem with down vote, but please specify the reason for the down vote. This answer conveys the same thing which the 'Accepted Answer' does. – Viral Jain Nov 7 '13 at 3:28
@Daradev, I do not agree, your solution is completely different from the accepted aswer, the accepted answer says to deleted old/changed properties in the edmx (xml) file, and then update again. You want us the delete the model completely, that will probaly work too, but it's defenitly not the same. – Michiel Dec 11 '13 at 11:15

I opened the edmx file in Notepad and deleted the incorrect field. I then updated the model again in the designer

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I had the same error when I changed a column name in the database and updated the database from the model. I was unable to find the original name anywhere in the solution. I solved it by simply

  1. deleting the table from the model (right-click on the table, hit delete),
  2. updating the model from the database (right-click on edmx background, select "Update Model From Database", Add changed table).
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