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I just got a request from one of my client and I'm not quite sure

This client he wants me to create an several app but sharing the same code. Each of them will have limited functionality for example

App name : A
- Do A
- Do B
- Do C
- Do D
- Do E

App name : B
- Do A
- Do B
- Do E

App name : C
- Do A
- Do B

App name : D
- Do B
- Do E

and so on.

The number of apps he wants is more than 10.
All of them will sharing the same code as App A as it's the main app.
They are all having different name, icon and number of functionality.
But, same layout and connecting to the same server (my server).

So, on his apple developer account may have 10 or 20 apps but seriously similar.

I went through the App Store Review Guideline but found no clear restriction on this.

So, is it possible to do this?

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The only way to know for sure is to try. I would say your odds are good, considering the apps have different functionality in them. It really shouldn't matter to Apple that they share the same code base.

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