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I've some problem with access to models defined in my Django application. When I have in settings.py:

DEBUG = True

then everything works correctly. If I set DEBUG = False, then in admin panel I see section with my application name, and registered models, but the name of model isn't clickable (link) as normal. Also I don't see icon to add/edit objects to my registered models. Other standard applications as Auth, Flatpages looks ok. When I back set DEBUG = True, then everything works ok. Has anyone any idea what could be a reason of this issue?

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OK, I've found reason of my problems. It was caused by registering my models in admin panel from files with models definitions. When I moved all my registrations to one external file admin.py, then everything works correctly.

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Thanks this put me on the right track. For me, I had a models.py file that imported all of my sub-apps. I created another file alongside models.py, called admin.py, and imported all of my sub-app admin files from here. – Scott Coates Dec 10 '13 at 20:32

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