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I am new to jquery, I am trying to validate a group of checkboxes[] using the validation plugin. After searching the internet I came across this AddMethod( ) which seems to resolve the issue of checkboxes, but I can not find any piece of code that explains how to apply the new method name to the validate().

Here is my code of what I am trying to achieve

<script type="text/javascript">

jQuery.validator.addMethod('minchecked',function(value, element) {
          return $(element).filter(':checked').length >= 1;
}, 'please make a selection');

      rules: {
         <!== do not know how apply the new method if it does go here ==>

<form id="onlinesurvey">
<fieldset id="stageone">
<label for="q1a"><input type="checkbox" name="q1[]" id="q1a" value="Blue Square Casino" />Blue Square Casino</label>
<label for="q1b"><input type="checkbox" name="q1[]" id="q1b" value="Paddy Power" />Paddy Power</label>
<label for="q1c"><input type="checkbox" name="q1[]" id="q1c" value="Sky Vegas" />Sky Vegas</label>
<label for="q1d"><input type="checkbox" name="q1[]" id="q1d" value="Virgin Casino" />Virgin Casino</label>
<label for="q1e"><input type="checkbox" name="q1[]" id="q1e" value="Other(s)" />Other(s)</label>
<label for="q1[]" class="error">Please make a selection</label>
<input type="button" value="next" class="next" />
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You should enter an answer with your solution and accept it. – Mark Schultheiss Feb 23 '10 at 21:39

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  rules: {
     minchecked: true
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I applied that piece of code but it still didn't work - my confusion is the addMethod "minchecked" applied to every checkbox inn that form – NiseNise Aug 17 '09 at 9:39
Hey Josh, worked it out thanks for you help – NiseNise Aug 17 '09 at 10:09

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