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I am developing an app in which I need the image in TIFF format. But in android you can convert your bitmap/image to only JPEG/PNG image.

Is there a good way to convert JPEG/PNG file to TIFF format on android?

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Android Do Not Support java.awt.image.*

check this.


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I'm not sure that Android SDK supports Java Image I/O, but check out following question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/967557/java-api-to-convert-jpeg-to-tiff

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Android SDK does not support Java Image I/O. Since the answer has been accepted, I would like to know is there any 3rd party port available somewhere? – Viktor Brešan Feb 15 '11 at 17:06

Android does not support TIFF files. You can get the Bitmap's raw pixel data array and convert it to TIFF manually using any of the links from the previous comment.

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If you are willing to add some C++ to your project via the Android NDK, then libtiff should do what you want.

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