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What is the best approach for formatting Canonical links on a search engine style website? At the minute our search engine fetches results and paginates them. We currently set the Canonical URL paginated pages back to the 1st page so:


http://jobportfolio.co.uk/jobs/any/london Canonical = http://www.jobportfolio.co.uk/jobs/any/london

http://jobportfolio.co.uk/jobs/any/london/?&page=2 Canonical = http://www.jobportfolio.co.uk/jobs/any/london

Is this the best approach or should I be setting the Canonical URL to also include the &page=2?

I noticed that when I submitted the XML Sitemap only a small fraction of the pages were indexed.



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Only use canonical for pages/URLs with (almost) identical content. Your pagination pages clearly have different content.

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Thanks, I had noticed that quite a few sites seem to revert back to page 1 of the search results. I wonder if this has any benefit. –  ORStudios Oct 9 '12 at 12:50

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