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I am developing a Backbonejs app using the excellent Marionette plugin. I have a big navigation view consisting of <a> tags referencing various collections. An example will better explain this:

  • Cars
    • Car A
    • ...
    • Car Z
  • Books
    • Book A
    • ...
    • Book Z

Each block is a collection of models. Eg. CarList, BookList

How do i best architect the Menuview so that, whenever any of the model changes in any of the collection the Menu view is rerendered?

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Maybe you could try to use a Composite View for your menu view and a Collection View for every sub-folder of your menu. Composite and Collection Views are made in a way that they will add/remove automatically a child element when a model is added/remove to the collection.

For more information you can check here:

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