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I'm trying to create an hybrid CD able to autorun on Windows machines and auto-open the main folder with a custom background on Mac OSX. The CD has to start an application in flash showing also some PDF files.

Here the scheme of the CD files and folders:

application.exe <-- the app for windows
autorun.inf <-- the autorun file for windows
application.app <-- the app for mac osx
/documents <-- the folder which contains the PDF files for both the applications
/background <-- the folder which contains the background image for Mac OSX

Following this answer I was able to set a background folder image for mac and create the first hybrid ISO with this command:

hdiutil makehybrid -o [image.iso] [my_project_folder] -iso -hfs -hide-iso [file to hide on windows] -hide-hfs [file to hide on mac]

Unfortunately with this command I wasn't able to hide more than one file; I need at least 2 (.exe and .inf) for mac. And even if the background results correctly set to my original folder
when I open the ISO it seems to lost it and other settings like the window and icons dimensions.


The correct syntax for hdiutil command to hide multiple files is the following:

hdiutil makehybrid -o image.iso source_folder -iso -hfs -hide-iso cd_folder/application.app -hide-hfs "{cd_folder/application.exe,cd_folder/autorun.inf}" 

Unfortunately the folder background image, window dimensions and icon positioning still desappear in the iso file. It is possible to re-set them again but every time the iso is ejected and re-mounted OSX seems to forget my preferences...


After several attempts I have finally found the cause:
the read and write mount command hdiutil attach -readwrite myCD.iso does't work on Mountain Lion
Therefore the OS doesn't save / remember my preferences.
I have noticed this behaviour also trying to create the hybrid image with Toast; when I have tried to mount myCD.toast and change the icon position it wasn't allowed (and I realized the problem).

Hence I replicate the process with my old Snow Leopard and everything worked perfectly!
Also creating the hybrid CD with Toast is really easier and fully customizable.

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What I do is make a read-write disk image, set up background image, icon size, and so on, unmount the image, and make sure it restores properly on remount. To get a designated folder to open when the image mounts, I use the bless command. Once the read-write image works as I want, I make the hybrid image using the read-write image as the source. I've made a set of AppleScript programs to simplify the process.

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the real problem seems to be the mount command under Mountain Lion; it doesn't recognize -readwrite option. Under Snow Leopard everything works perfectly. –  Mave751 Oct 17 '12 at 22:22

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