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I am currently exploring how to write platformindependant software that have forms with inputfieleds (fat client in java or dotnet as well as web apps in or java jsf).

I stumbled over
last updated 2009: is-haxe-worth-learning

I read among others some haxe tutorial and the the wikopedia article about haxe and it looks quite prommising.

  • Are there any best practises how to seperate haxe-businesslogic from platformdependent-gui-logic?
  • or is there even a haxe-gui-abstraction layer?
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There is one library that is currently developed for cross-platform NME use. You can check it out on GitHub.

It's still in development phase and has a few to-dos : It can use some help.

If you're interested in doing one-source-cross-platform things, you can also look at the conditional compilation and at the "cross" tagged haxelibs.

There is also a few MVC framework in Haxe, like MMVC, which is a port of AS3 Robotlegs.

Good luck, and share what you're doing to the community =)

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+1 for for haxe-gui-abstraction layer : cross-platform NME – k3b Oct 16 '12 at 9:42

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