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I'm working on a project with 4 other guys, and we are developing an android app with a DB. Now, we are going to use a localhost for our SQL Server, I want to be able to take the database from my laptop and copy it to the other guys' computers. I"m using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.

Any ideas of how to do it? I don't mind to copy the entire localhost server if we can do that.

BTW, I tried to backup the DB on my laptop by right-click on the DB (created .bak file) but there is no restore option on the other computer.


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Backup your data base and restore in the other machines


If you dont find the restrore option, please try using sql script


RESTORE DATABASE nwind_new FROM DISK = 'c:\backups\northwind\nwind.bak'
MOVE 'northwind' TO 'd:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL 
MOVE 'northwind_log' TO 'd:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL

You can try

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Thanks. it worked. – Mike Oct 8 '12 at 19:50

its weird you dont see the restore option. You could try deattaching the DB from its location, copy the files (DB and LOG) to the new location and attach it there.


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